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Thursday, 16.06.2016

Compound Speed: We did tests. The difference with different bows from valley to mountain were 2-5 fps. This is just approximate value – not all bows react in the same way! At the moment of measure we had good weather, about 25 degrees and sun.


Wednesday, 15.06.2016

Range schedule – who is whit whom on which range 🙂

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-15 um 09.03.28Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-15 um 08.55.45 Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-15 um 09.09.54

Download PDF Range Schedule

Download PDF overview Plan


Saturday, 11.06.2016

From saturday 11.06.2016 our trainings course at the middle station of “Hochalm” is open. Please drive up with car, because the cable cars are not open yet. You see signpostings for the way up and also for parking places. Paying entry fee and registration at Sonnhof, Adults € 10,- • Children until 14th birthday € 5,-
The range is a unmarked animal round with 28 stations.
Have fun and good training! 🙂
Address: Martenweg 135, 5754 Hinterglemm


Monday, 06.06.2016

On every range at the EBHC there is a Snackstation where we offer different snacks and drinks. (There are also two more water points on each range) You always arrive twice at the snack stations because the way of the ranges are like an 8. At the snack station it is NOT possible to pay with normal money. At the registration or also at the Practice Range at our Info stand you can buy the “EBHC Money”. These booklets have a worth of € 10,-. If you not need them you can change them back into normal money!

EBHC Money
Concerning on the IFAA Executive Council we shoot in pairs at the EBHC 2016.

Tuesday, 31.05.2016

Here you find the schedule of the shooting groups.
The AMLB & AMBHR shooting styles are divided in an “1” and “2” section over two different ranges. Please check each day in which group you shoot as this may change after each day!


download schedule as PDF



Monday, 04.04.2016

Athletes who have a fix starting-place but who know now already they cannot take part, cannot, we repeat cannot give their start place to other athletes – and no name change can be done upon registration.
These athletes who have to cancel their participation, have to inform the OC accordingly, including IBAN/BIC Bank-Details and start-fee will be reimbursed.
No cancellations of start places with reimbursement of entry fee can be made after the 15th of May. The person taking the cancelled places (first on the waiting list) will be informed that he/she can start.
For the people on the waiting list – now it is possible to take most of you into the tournament – you get a personal mail within the next days!
There are enough parking places near the courses for those courses without shuttle as well as at the bus-shuttle starting-point.
During Friday, Saturday and Sunday (whole day) (practice) there will be bus-shuttles in the center of Hinterglemm between the Centre of Activies (where the Practice Range is situated ), parking areas and the Sporthall where the registration takes place. The distances are not long, but not everybody likes to walk…. On the shooting days there will be also shuttles in the morning.

During the whole week there are shuttles from Viehhofen Camping sites to Hinterglemm.
Also people who have their hotel in Saalbach can go by bus and don´t need a car.
Participants can also use the public transports for free between Hinterglemm and Viehhofen.
There is also an agreement with a taxicab company for very cheap rides

On their free days and on the shooting days after they have returned from the courses until their parents come to fetch them, Cubs will be taken care of by persons who are working with young persons and are also qualified to do so.
At the equipment-inspection the inspection form must be handed over, completed in all details in 2 copies; one copy will be filed by the OC, the other copy must be with the athletes during the whole competition

English Form

Italian Form

Austrian Form

At the bow-check all equipment must be shown for inspection.
All arrows must be ringed. The IFAA inspection forms on the IFAA Website in English/German and Italian can be used.

Please do not forget the IFAA scoring card from your Federation which is necessary in order to be able to start at the EBHC 2016. (You can also look at the sample on the IFAA Website)
The safety-rules of the IFAA must be accepted and basic code of conduct for competitors must be read and accepted upon registration. The acceptance of this information, together with Press-info will be included in the registration package.

Scorecards will be made up with the numbers 1 – 28; the group starts to write at the target number at which they start shooting – in the scorecard the target-group number is also indicated separately…
So scoring will not start at nr. 1 or only when you really start at target number 1.

Consumption of alcohol and smoking (incl. e-cigarettes) on the courses and training/warmup-place is not allowed. Please be aware that alcohol test can be made during the competition.
It is not allowed to take dogs into the courses.

Security/first aid etc.:

Course marshals have a backpack with all necessary first aid. Mountaineering rescue people are within the OC and will take action if necessary. A helicopter is available in urgent and sincere cases.

Please be aware that the courses are at an altitude between 1100-2050 meters and this might cause in some cases health-problems. If you are in doubt in view of your health, please check with your general practitioner before you travel to Saalbach-Hinterglem in Austria. The courses are in mountain areas but are easily to walk. Not much climbing is required, but in any case please take care of good shoe-work. Proper shoe-work will bring you without accidents through the EBHC 2016.

The Compound-speed measured at the course-attitude might be different from that measured at the bow equipment inspection in the valley! Please be aware that spot-checks can be made during the event on the courses.
The decision for an interruption of the competition due to e.g. bad, weather will be made by the Competition Manager together with the VP, where the competition manager is the one to make the final decision.

BOR 2015/2016 –
please note that an errata has been published by the IFAA for page 45, but has not been included in the BOR:


Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-04 um 16.03.34


The athletes shoot in pairs and for each archer there will be a marker.

On all distances less than 35 yards (group 3 and 4 targets) two targets will be used.

It is not allowed to use a high draw. Archers who “high-draw” repeatedly will be disqualified.

Rotation is AB CD EF on the first target, CD EF AB on the second target, EF AB CD on the third target, etc., etc. At target 1 and 15 the athletes change from left to right and vice versa.

No arrows can be scored or drawn if not all the members of a group have finished shooting. In the event that an archer requires shooting a second or third arrow, that archer shall shoot all these arrows before the next archer(s) walk up to the first shooting marker. So an archer shall shoot all the required arrows before leaving the shooting marker(s) and give way to the next archer(s) in group.

If a group holds up three or more groups, while there are at least two targets open in front of that group, that group MUST allow pass through. Range Marshalls shall make sure that this rule is followed and may submit a formal protest where after the Protest Committee can make a ruling.

A protest committee will be appointed. The names of the members will be available at the beginning of the EBHC.

Scorecards handing in after the competition:
All days:
Scorecards must be handed in for the whole group before leaving the courses at the information point on that specific course.

A Team Captains meeting has been planned for Sunday morning 26th of June, 9.00 o’clock
Place:   Schulungsraum des Bundeschullandheimes – centre of Hinterglemm

Please let the OC know the person who is the Representative of each member association:
Name, e-mail and mobile number are required.



Wednesday, 20.01.2016

Registration is closed.


Sunday, 10.01.2016

Please do not forget to bring the filled inspection form to the bow control with you. Also the IFAA Scorecard is a duty!

Download the english original inspection form


Saturday, 2nd of January 2016

Limit of Starters




On 10th of February we have to clean up all starters who not have paid!
If you will shoot – please register again – Thank you!



It is now possible to book an „Eventcampingsite” at the mail address
The campingsite is in Viehhofen (about 15 km away from the Practice Range at Oberschwarzachlift)
Every morning and every evening there is a Shuttle to the campingsite which takes you to the briefing in the morning, and home in the evening –  without stress.


Wednesday, 18th of November 2015

Please note that the bow inspection can be made as per the invitation upon registration
Friday 24th June from 16.00-21.00 hrs,
Saturday 25th of June from 08.-12.00 and 13.00-21.00 hrs. and
Sunday 26th of June from 08.-12.00 and 13.00-16.00 hrs.
Historical Bow participants, please donot forget your official documentation!

Archers are also kindly reminded that participation in this tournament requires an official
score record card which must be shown at registration at the event.
Archers who have no such card cannot participate in the EBHC